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Lucky went in for her 5th Chemotherapy Treatment on 9-22-2015. This was a treatment given over 1 hour and she had to be sedated throughout the treatment. Sleeping through the treatment allows for very slow, intravenous administration of this drug and Lucky did not have to deal with the nausea associated with this treatment.

She received Vincristine, the drug she received in Treatment 3. She woke up fine just before the treatment was complete and when I picked her up she was very chipper, energetic and happy to see me. If I would have not known she had treatment, I can’t even tell she is sick with cancer. We left the hospital and went home. She had a big appetite and then went to take a nap as usual.

I can’t remember if it was the same day or the next, but it happened almost immediately. The lymph nodes in her lower abdomen started swelling again. When we started this journey and got our initial diagnosis, the swollen area was one big swollen lump, this time it is different. I can feel several larger and smaller very hard lymph nodes right under the skin. So this might mean that the cancer already started changing and resisting this drug. Not typical and baffling.


I called our Internist and she was concerned but wanted to start with increasing her daily dose of Prednisone and give it a few days over the weekend to see how she responds. Unfortunately, checking the lymph nodes everyday, they did not get smaller, however; they also did not enlarge.

Lucky’s reaction seems to be a-typical from the beginning. From having trouble precisely diagnosing what kind of lymphoma to her quickly coming out of remission on the 5th Treatment, we are facing multiple challenges. However; we are not about to give up.

Our Vet suggested a transferred to a highly regarded Oncology Clinic in Dallas Texas, a place where Vets are specialized in Cancer Treatment only. There are many different protocols to treat this cancer and Radiation is one of the additional capabilities this center has.

I was taken back when I found out that we were actually in the care of an Internist, not Cancer Vet. I did not realize that Internists have the capability to diagnose and treat cancers with chemotherapy, however; they are limited to certain treatments and are not equipped to offer radiation and other more advanced treatments. I was a little heartbroken to realize I had assumed to be in the cancer center of a hospital for the last 6 weeks.

The Vet showed a lot of compassion and love for Lucky and would get a referral to her in a heartbeat, maybe not for cancer treatment. I wish we would have been with a Cancer Specialist from the get go, but we will see if the Cancer Specialists would have done anything different for Lucky’s initial treatment plan.

Our appointment is on 10-16-2015, and I am praying to find some new options for Lucky. She is very young and other than a little less energy, she is very healthy and happy. Unless her quality of life diminishes, we will fight this lymphoma cancer.

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