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We finally met with the Oncologist and started a new protocol. I am once again encouraged and hopeful we can beat this. Lucky received her chemo treatment and we went home. 

Lucky had a couple of downward days. After the Chemo on Monday Lucky was pretty lethargic and refused to eat again on Tuesday. Somewhat expected after chemo but concerning since the eating has declined since Saturday and she has lost weight. She doesn’t seem to be excited about any food I offer. A little bite of chicken here, a little bite of yogurt there, that’s about it.

Concerned, I called the Oncology Clinic the next day and took her in for a CBC (Blood Work). It came back normal and once again i try to remind myself to not jump the gun.


Unfortunately we did not see the progress we were hoping for. I decided to stop all treatments and it was time to stop the madness. Realization is setting in that while we had prayed and hoped for a miracle, it is not happening. The most heartbreaking reality after all she has been through. 

Lucky passed away on the way to the vet in the morning. She held on to say goodbye to the kids and as I drove out of my driveway I heard a terrible yelp in the back and then silence. My heart wanted to stop. I was on the way to the vet for the hardest last trip with my sweet puppy. I talked to her, hoping I would open the door at the vet and she would be ok but I knew in my heart that it was over. 

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