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We are now 5 days into the first round of Chemo and so far so good. Lucky’s Lymph Nodes are getting smaller and the bruising, puffiness and redness are pretty much gone. I still feel swollen Lymph Nodes, but they are noticeable smaller.

I am cooking homemade meals every day, nothing fancy or particularly planned. Right now it is important for her to eat and stay strong. I am completely cutting out simple carbs and she is never getting pressed dog food again. As a matter of fact, after spending quite some time researching nutrition for dogs with cancer, I am switching all my other dogs to a new, human grade food. Lucky is going to be on this base mix by Honest Kitchen, so I can add my own high grade protein.Honest Kitchen Base FormulaMy other dogs will do just fine on the Protein added Formulas. This is in my opinion the best and healthiest solution for my dog with cancer and my other dogs who need to stay healthy.

Until the Food arrives I am simply mixing up whatever I think she will eat. I use (no instant, only rolled or old fashion) or Organic Brown Rice, different choices of protein like organic chicken, organic beef or eggs, some veggies like Broccoli red – yellow – orange peppers etc, and fruit such as blueberries, bananas and apples. I also add some Pumpkin Puree which is high in Vitamin C.

Every batch includes either yoghurt or cottage cheese, probiotics, a splash of organic apple cider vinegar with mother, organic coconut oil and colloidal silver (broad spectrum anti microbial product which can be  highly effective against 650 viral and bacterial organisms). I am not adding any Vitamin E yet since I don’t know if she needs surgery. Some vitamins and food items thinnen the blood and should not be used 10 days before up to 10 days after procedures.

I use everything organic to cut back on toxins and chemicals. The last thing Lucky needs is fighting more stuff with an already compromised Immune System. So far she has loved every one of the meals and is eating 3 good sized meals a day. She has had no vomiting and is continuing with Prednisone 2x per day.


Don’t cook your meats too hot, heat can produce toxins in itself. I boil most proteins and use the water to moisten food and add to water. I steam my veggies and use a food processor and some chicken broth to puree veggies and fruits. When there is no time, I blend up raw veggies with some broth and that is just fine.

I am not restricting her from going out with her friends as this keeps her spirit high. A depressed dog is not fighting and we are doing everything to keep her happy and excited. She gets tired more easily and takes quite a few naps throughout the day. She sleeps through the night if we let her out several time before going to bed.

The first 2 days she was not excited to drink regular water so I used the leftover water from boiling the chicken breasts and added it to the water. I am able to encourage her to drink when I need her, so I can manage her potty times better, especially for the evening.

I can’t get up all hours of the night forever, so I encourage her to drink early in the evening to have plenty of time to empty out by night time. I also started adding some caffeine free green tea to the water bowl. All 4 dogs love it and seem to drink more now than before. And we all know that flushing the system is healthy. Can’t hurt and has great health benefits.

There is evidence that magnets can have a positive impact on health. So it can’t hurt to have her wear my magnet necklace. Anything at this point that can ease pain and help with healing we will do.

Today is Tuesday and we are supposed to get some more results back. Lucky has a very unusual and atypical profile of cancer cells. The vet has not seen this before, and while lymphoma is pretty much confirmed, there is a possibility of leukemia, maybe a third cancer. So far no results have come in and I am eager to schedule her next chemo.

We need this definite result so the Oncologist can prescribe the proper protocol of chemotherapy. If the results, which are tested by the University of Colorado can’t come up with a definite answer Lucky has to undergo a tissue biopsy. When first I was praying is does not get confirmed as cancer, now I am praying that it is lymphoma only.

I also consulted with a Veterinarian from Germany today. I am lucky to be able to consult specialists from Europe since I grew up in Austria and still know people. Plus my mother lives in Austria and is always glad to help. She connected me with a Veterinarian very knowledgeable with cancer in dogs and pretty much confirmed what I was told by my Oncologist in the US. We are following the same protocol and he gave me hope that lymphoma has a very good remission rate. There is also a chance to beat this cancer and it is not unheard of.

But I also got advised that if the pending results should come back with added leukemia cancer, the outlook is pretty much hopeless. So I am praying hard.

One of my questions was, when we are done with chemo treatments, is there an option to put Lucky on a low dose chemo pill on a daily basis to prevent residual cancer cells from multiplying in the future. When I mentioned this to my vet here I was told that that was not something that is typically done with dogs here. Well, we are not typical and in Germany they absolutely make use of this options. My common sense thought: “Dogs receive the same drugs for lymphoma chemotherapy treatment as people do, so why not treat them the same way people are treated after chemo is completed.”

Remission only means that no cancer cells are detectable, not that they are all gone. Most likely there are some floating around and if not kept in check, they will cause a dog to come out of remission again at some point. The second time around these cancer cells seem to be more resistant to the chemotherapy drugs, and therefore going into remission chances and survival chances are greatly reduced. So why not try to keep them in check and prevent them from multiplying in the first place? It is worth a try, whether it works or not. European Vets apparently sees results with a daily maintenance dose.

Sitting on pins and needles and hoping for a positive call from our Oncologist.

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