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After our Check up yesterday we went home very disappointed at Lucky’s non responsiveness to the last Chemo Drug. After an ultrasound it got confirmed that not only her Lymph Nodes that are visible on the abdomen are enlarged but that she also has enlarged sublumbar nodes again. She is feeling good and eating well and her appearance is very deceptive.

We were eagerly waiting for our appointment tomorrow at the Oncologist Clinic, but after calling in this morning I found out that the vet we were supposed to see is not a Board Certified Oncologist. I insisted to be rescheduled with the best Oncologist they have on staff, who has to be Board Certified. We got an appointment for Monday morning. It will be a terribly long wait, since I feel we don’t have time to waste.

I called my internist several times today with concerns because of this wait over the weekend. I am concerned that we end up with an emergency and I need to have a plan. My internists hospital is open 24/7 for Emergencies but it is not a comforting thought. I do not want to end up with a terribly emergency.

I talked to her again around 2 pm because I noticed discoloration around Lucky’s Lymph Nodes and this to me was a sign of the health problem progressing faster. My biggest concern was for something to go wrong tomorrow or over the weekend and our doctor was out of the office Friday – Tuesday.

After a short discussion we decided to get her in for a rescue Chemotherapy Treatment. This will be done via the initial Drug used in the First Treatment – L-aspariginase. This drug was initially used to start the Chemo until final results of type of lymphoma came in. This drug is supposed to be a fast acting  and quicker result producing drug.

The first time Lucky’s Lymph Nodes disappeared within 1-2 days and I am hoping for the same results again. At this point there is nothing to lose and everything to gain by opting for this rescue Chemo.

I took Lucky to the hospital and picked her up 2 hours later. She seemed happy, energetic and ready to go home. Now we are waiting for something good to happen.

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