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Lucky continues to do well during the last 3 Weeks of Chemotherapy Treatments. The Drugs seem to keep Lymph Nodes from swelling and Lucky’s response is very encouraging. The Drugs used in her protocol are being cycled and so far the treatment is successful and she is said to be in remission.

Week 2 Drug was called Vincristine. Administered Intravenously, this drug has not caused any side effects in Lucky. She is doing great in her appointments and tolerates the treatments well. Potential Side Effects could be Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, drop in white blood cell count and subsequent infection, irritation at injection site and general unwell feeling.


Lucky lost nearly 5 lbs to cancer between Week 1 and Week 2. This is due to the cancer competing for protein and other nutrients in the body. The big goal from here on will be to gain weight back but not to feed the cancer. Cancer thrives on sugars, so I am cutting out carbs as much as possible and increase protein.

Sincer Week One I have switched Lucky to a diet consisting of a base formula, a tiny amount of organic brown rice or old fashion Oatmeal and a ton of protein at every meal. The two snacks of the day consist of Cottage Cheese mixed with Pumpkin Puree. Before Bedtime I give her some plain Yoghurt. I choose organic for every food items possible.

I will post our complete Meal Plan including Brands, Tips and Tricks in the next few days. I will give you some great tips and pointers I learned along the way and by doing as much research as possible, which will save you time and money.

Week 3 Drug was called Cyclophosphamide and Furosemide. She responded very well again and was very alert and happy when I picked her up. We watched for side effects and were pleased to see none once again. This week we were back to the original weight we started out at. Very excited to see that.

Week 4 Drug was again Vincristine. No weight loss and doing great. Once again she looked very energetic when I picked her up and had no side effects thereafter.

The only difference I have noticed from Lucky’s demeanor from before and after cancer diagnosis is a little less energy and a little more small naps throughout the day. This is to be expected since the Chemotherapy Treatment is quite charging on the body.

I continue to feed Lucky 5-6 times a day. I narrow food items down according to what’s most palatable to Lucky and what is most beneficial nutrition wise and supplement wise, and to keep my sanity.

Once my Nutritional Post is completed, I will include a link on all the updates.



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