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Thursday morning I took Lucky to the Animal Specialty Clinic to be seen by an Oncologist. This is a scary trip because reality sets in that this is something very serious. I was still holding out hope that I am spending a lot of money for nothing, meaning, I was hoping to spend a lot of money for a simple solution.

A very nice clinic with very nice staff greeted us and set us up in one of the exam rooms. I had the eerie feeling that they already knew more than I did because the compassion was very noticeable. You know, when you get bad news, and it’s really bad.

Lucky at Initial Oncology Appointment looked very worn out and sick. We finished the initial intake. There were many questions answered to give the most accurate picture of Lucky’s life and condition. I suggest to make a list of everything you think is wrong or has changed in your pet before you even go to your appointment. The more information you can give the better the picture you paint for your specialist.

After the initial consultation we decided on a protocol of testing to be done that day, which meant to leave her at the clinic and go home. I had tears in my eyes looking at this little face to say goodbye. I did not know if I would see her again since I opted for non-revival should she go into cardiac arrest while under anesthesia. I left with an incredible heavy heart and feel for all of you who are going through a pet being sick.

The plan was to start with the diagnostics like chest x-rays and sonogram of organs. The idea was if they would find cancer in the chest cavity they would stop testing and call me. That would mean there is not point of going further and that would be it.

I sat on pins and needles all morning into the early afternoon, thinking, that the longer it takes the better the prognosis. I received a call shortly after lunch and i was told they had not even started yet because of some emergencies that took priorities. My hopes were somewhat dashed and once again I was hoping for a call rather later than sooner.

Finally the answer at 4:30pm. Lymphoma was the cancer they found, however; they needed to send out slides to pinpoint the exact cancer. Since blood work, x-rays and sonogram came back normal, I decided to go ahead with chemotherapy.

Just to know something about me. I don’t like pharmaceuticals, I buy everything organic, I believe in holistic and alternative, but here the choice was a no brainer. There is no chance of living without chemo.


Lucky received her first chemotherapy treatment that evening and after being under observation for a couple of hours I was able to take here home. It was so good to get her home.

We had to start making a lot of adjustments to her schedule and how we can manage her while on this treatment. Up to 72 hours after chemo, toxic chemical are being excreted in urine and stool and vomit, which means we have to designate an area for her to relief herself that the other 3 dogs do not get access too. Poop has to be cleaned up with gloves and urine had to be diluted right away. Any accidents inside the home need to be cleaned right away and should never come in contact with the skin.

I was completely freaked out and questioned myself for a second if I am able to deal with this, as I was extremely concerned about my kids. But there is nothing that can’t be managed with some planning and rules. I set up a station with Gloves, Bags, Paper towels and diluted Bleach in a Spray Bottle. The first night was the most stressful and I got up every two hours to let her go to the bathroom so I did not have to deal with accidents.

Despite my efforts they happened and it was very frustrating. But we made it through the first night OK.

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