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If anyone starts following this story, it is very important to realize when something is not right. Follow your gut feeling and get moving. I was held up by my vet telling me it was an allergic reaction to a bite when there was clearly no bite anywhere. Read on to understand why I am encouraging you to trust your instinct.

Lucky is a happy and extremely energetic pup. We brought her home from my brothers farm, where she was born to her husky mom and unknown dad. She was the only one surviving out of this litter. Having had dogs all my life, I can say, she was the toughest one to housebreak. Her over the top excitement level about any little attention from family or fellow pets in the household caused accidents all over, all the time.

Then came the day she seemingly got the point. From one day to another she stopped leaving us wet spots and became the responsible pup we needed her to be. As much frustration as she caused at times, she grew to be the most fun and loveable companion anyone could wish for. Our 3 other dogs, Duchess, Sadie and Ace, love having this highly energetic puppy to play with.



And then, a few days ago, on a Friday, I noticed a big red swollen lump on one side of her belly. I immediately called my local vet and got her examined. He performed a biopsy and it was suggested to start her on Clavamox, an antibiotic, and Benadryl, to see if symptoms subside. We were hoping for a spider bite or some kind of allergic reaction to be the cause of this strange swelling. We had the weekend to wait for the pathology report to come back.

I was sitting on pins and needles over the holiday weekend, checking this lump several times a day. It did not change one bit, despite the medication. On Monday morning I notice her slowing down considerably and not being herself. I call my vet again and he read in the pathology report the suspicion of lymphoma, but not confirmed. He suggested to still give it some time and wait.

On Wednesday she was clearly sick. She looked like she had aged 10 years over night. A usually energetic dog who loves to roam on our 3 acres all day, she did not want to go outside. Lucky is a very curious dog, following me around all day, but on this day she was staying out of sight. I knew something else was going on, as much as I wanted to believe that it was nothing serious.

I need answers, not waiting to see. I call my vet again on Wednesday morning and we decided it was time to see an Oncologist. Whatever this is needs to be diagnosed so it can be properly treated. My advice to anyone reading and following Lucky’s story: “Act, don’t wait. Get answers and get a treatment plan.”  The quicker you catch an illness or disease, the better chances of survival for your pet.

I was not about to wait for my initial appointment on the following Monday at the Animal Specialty Clinic, and offered to take any cancellation appointment. When the clinic checked again they found an opening for the next morning. Don’t drive yourself crazy wondering if you can find options to get answers quicker. Even they wait for the next morning was stressful, but at least we got in quick.

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